Schaefer Group has a portfolio of privately owned, as well as leased, warehouses in the United States and Mexico. Mostly covering the cities and ports of Brownsville, Laredo, Monterrey, Altamira, and Veracruz, we offer our client base operations in both countries with different capacities and characteristics, such as; outdoor patios, humidity control, and rail spurs, to name a few. Our warehouses are mostly located across a few of our companies and investments, including; Schaefer Stevedoring, Schaefer & Compañía, Marroquín Schaefer, Gulf Facilities, and IPA Steel Terminal. Audaxia Logística has recently purchased acreage in an industrial park in San Luis Potosi which is available now as an outside storage option in the center of the country. Together, our group offers a wide range of storage options, most of which are focused on Mexico.

Brownsville, Texas – United States

Based out of the Port of Brownsville, Texas, Schaefer offers fully integrated steel and general cargo logistics services out of Brownsville, Corpus Christi, Laredo, Altamira, Tampico, and Veracruz. We work with commodity producers, traders, shippers, brokers, and receivers, with a specialization in terminal handling operations including the loading and unloading of ships, barges, railcars, and trucks from both indoor and outdoor storage facilities. Our terminal operations have water and dock access, on-site rail spurs, truck loading areas, transfer yards, heavy lift capacities, and all of the necessary equipment to provide safe and efficient cargo handling and storage services.


Veracruz, Veracruz – Mexico

With a privately owned warehouse outside of the Port of Veracruz, Schaefer & Compañía first began as a storage company for all manner of general cargo. Today, not only are we still a warehouser, but we are also involved in stevedoring and inland freight for cargo destined throughout most of the country. Our concentration is certainly cargo entering the Gulf from Veracruz, Tuxpan, Altamira, or Tampico, but our many years of operation in Mexico have helped us create a network of partners we trust to include the Pacific port of Manzanillo.


Monterrey, Nuevo Leon – Mexico

A multi-national collaboration between a Mexican trucking company, and an American stevedoring company. One dedicated to making a positive mark on the domestic trucking industry servicing the Northcentral industrial region of the country. We are the product of two established shipping companies, each with decades of experience in their respective industries, that have come together to create a special bi-cultural partnership. In this undertaking, we have meticulously studied traditional operating methods, and have tirelessly pushed to add a smart and modernized approach to even the most minimal detail.


Brownsville, Texas – United States

Working alongside Schaefer Stevedoring in the Port of Brownsville, Gulf Facilities is comprised of two 100,000 square foot warehouses, two 10 acre patios, and three private railspurs. We have a rail line that runs alongside our warehouses, giving us the capacity for undercover loading and unloading. Additionally, we are located right along the docks of the port, and can load and unload ships and barges of bulk and breakbulk cargo. We also have an 8MT super-sack bagging line and traditional heavy lift capacities to round off our multi-service operation.

Altamira, Tamaulipas – Mexico

Our coveted partnership in Altamira is a joint venture between 4 international companies in what has become one of the most formidable private terminals dedicated to steel cargo in Mexico. With a 38.5 foot draft, 2 docks, 4 warehouses, and multiple outdoor patios, IPA Steel Terminal has made a true impact in Gulf logistics. Dedicated primarily to steel and project cargo, we work in unison to provide our customers specialized service for cargo handing and storage services.

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon – Mexico

Audaxia is a general cargo logistics company based out of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. With a focus on steel, and other break-bulk commodities, Audaxia offers; stevedoring, warehousing, trucking, rail, and ocean freight services for both import and export shipments. Clients typically include steel and commodity producers, ship lines, service centers, and trading companies. Audaxia is comprised of a team of seasoned, multi-national executives who are dedicated to having a positive and creative influence on the traditional shipping industry in Mexico. We wish to bring an invigorating affect to general cargo logistics; one that offers vitality and originality to the conservative marketplace. The Audaxia philosophy is based on intelligent business practice, and an elevated customer service standard. A philosophy which offers a stimulating professional experience, and ultimately steers the totality of our shipping enterprise.