Schaefer Group is a shipping and logistics group of companies dedicated to bulk and break-bulk cargo shipments for the United States, Mexico and Colombia.

Our organization offers both asset backed and third party services in the stevedoring, warehousing, trucking, logistics, and cargo agency sectors within the Americas. For almost half a century the Schaefer name has been involved in international shipping, beginning as a single stevedoring operation along the South Texas border with Northern Mexico. Over the years our group has expanded to include all manner of shipping services for a wide range of international clients such as; ocean freight carriers, trading companies, commodity producers, and end-users. Our team is multi-cultural, multi-lingual, professionally minded, and highly focused. Schaefer Group is passionately driven with goals such as port efficiency maximization and transportation performance enhancement across the bulk and break-bulk shipping worlds. Our experience in North, Central, and South America has afforded us a highly valuable skill set, and expansive service network, which we are pleased to share with our esteemed client base.