Vessel Agency

As vessel agents, Schaefer BMA acts as local experts and representatives for ship owners and charterers by carrying out all duties and obligations required by them. Our in-port operations are efficiency focused, safety minded and cost effective. On behalf of our clients, we manage cargo handling operations, lead service provider negotiations, maintain communication with cargo owners (both pre and post operations) and oversee all related matters having to do with the protection of our clients’ interests. Our team is highly adaptable and able to solve the complex problems which often arise in shipping. Schaefer BMA staff are multi-lingual, highly experienced and completely dedicated to achieving the best possible results. The Colombian shipping industry (as is the case in many parts of the world) can be complicated, expensive and inefficient if improperly managed. But with the right skills, information and communication, the experience can be controlled to maximize efficiencies. It is that maximizing of efficiencies and general problem resolution that we wish to offer all current and potential clients.

Barranquilla, Atlantico – Colombia

In January 2023, Schaefer Group USA took full acquisition of Bulk Maritime Agencies, S.A.S. (BMA Colombia) from Clipper Group Denmark with the intention of adding vessel agency services to our portfolio of shipping companies. Started in 1999, BMA Colombia had a noteworthy and multi-decade long track record of excellence, making its extensive history of quality service a perfect match for our growing organization. And after purchasing 100% of the existing shares, Schaefer Group then further extended its reach into Latin America by directly having a presence in Colombia. Today, thanks in part to this new acquisition, we more effectively manage our Central and South American logistics operations in Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Peru. Now called Schaefer BMA, we operate on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts from our commercial head office in Barranquilla, Colombia with agency offices in Santa Marta, Cartagena, and Buenaventura. And as part of Schaefer Group Latin America, this new addition amplifies our fully-integrated shipping services to include; stevedoring, logistics, trucking, warehousing, chartering, and vessel agency services throughout the region from our main Latin American offices in Mexico, and now Colombia.