Our primary focus is steel, but we routinely handle many other types of bulk and breakbulk cargo, such as; aluminum, lumber, pig-iron, and scrap to name a few.

Schaefer facilites have water, rail, and truck access allowing for smart terminal operations with minimal and safe cargo handling. As a standard practice, we use specialty equipment and accessories for the proper management of highly sensitive cargo types used in the Automotive, Agriculture, Construction, and Energy industries. Our services manage large volume cargo shipments of ships, barges, railcars, and trucks in both import and export scenarios.

Over the coarse of several decades, we have created a solid logistics network to help us deliver cargo as quickly and safely as possible to almost anywhere in the country.

With a steel focus, we offer stevedoring, warehousing, trucking, and rail services along the Gulf and Pacific coasts of Mexico.

We have the capacity and equipment to handle vessels and barges of standard 20′ and 40′ containers, and store them in a secure location.

We place real value in the modernization of the stevedoring and logistics experience. Our technology capabilities make us one of the most advanced stevedores operating in the Gulf of Mexico.

SchaeferCONNECT is our cargo management and inventory control system, designed specifically for metals shipments. Our technology capability allows our customers to view incoming shipments, and receive status updates on those shipments, while in transit and during the different logistics stages until reaching the final destination. Management and control of your shipment is available online, through our secure server and website. We are true believers that technology will positively change this industry, and we work very hard to stay in front of all innovations related to the cargo management industries.


Document Creation

Schaefer Gulf’s system also has the ability to save customers time by automatically creating shipping documents as material is released. For a small additional fee, the system can be configured to produce a specialized ‘Packing List’, ‘Commercial Invoice’, ‘Delivery Instruction’, ‘SED’, or other specialized document. These documents can then be automatically transmitted to the Customer, Customs Broker, Rail Company, End User, or some other required party. The system, powered by iSG2 Technologies, has been customized to meet the specific needs of Schaefer Gulf and its customers, provides ease of use and increased accuracy, and simplifies the efforts customers must use to manage their inventory.


Inventory Management

Schaefer Gulf customers have the ability to view and manage their current inventory and shipment history online 24/7. The information, available through a secure link on the Schaefer Gulf website, provides flexibility for shipments and receipts by truck, rail, barge or ocean vessel. The system provides visibility to product information from time-of-shipment, through final-destination material receipt. Customers can extend the ability to view and release material on the web to their end users.


Electronic Data Exchange/EDI

EDI is the direct exchange of business information between company computer systems. EDI is a necessity in today’s fast-paced “connected” business environment. Automated data exchange for supply chain participants provides efficiencies, time savings and increased data accuracy through elimination / reduction of manual data entry points. Schaefer Gulf is the only stevedore / terminal operator at the Ports of Brownsville, Tampico and Veracruz that is fully EDI capable. Schaefer Gulf communicates using all standardized exchange formats, including, but not limited to X12, Compord, EDIfact, FTP, ANSI and XML.

Get connected with electronic transmissions of:
856 Advance Shipping Notification
861 Material Receipt
846 Inventory Hand-Off
997 Receipt Acknowledgement